Compare The Best Virtual PBX Providers

Virtual PBX, which means virtual private branch exchange, is a type of cloud based phone system that has the ability to deliver traditional PBX features and capabilities.

Virtual PBX  is also referred to as  Hosted PBX or VoIP. VoIP is a fancy term used by tech gurus to describe the process of making phone calls over the internet. It literally stands for “voice over internet protocol.” Rather than using a traditional telephone system which operates on analog signals to make and receive calls, you instead make them online with digital signals. VoIP uses internet connection to transmit voice data. The biggest advantage of having VoIP is that you can eliminate any up-front capital investment on your phone system. There are no maintenance and installation fees. Best of all, you enjoy the same quality phone calls with today’s internet connection.

As times marches on, more and more businesses are making the switch to VoIP phone systems. VoIP offers so many attractive features to businesses (such as easy setup, maintenance, and affordability) that it’s quickly becoming the most sought out communication solution in the professional world. VoIP companies can offer their clients a fully featured phone system that operates online with uninterrupted uptime. Plus, it can be used via a smartphone app or integrated into a full telephone system used for business.

I am a freelance product tester. I have tested over 40 different types and brands of VoIP, including VoIP services for residential usage, small office usage, and corporate usage for big companies with 100+ employees.

Many providers say they have the best call and product quality, but the prices are premium, and they do not reflect the value for users and consumers. As a result, I have searched for the top VoIP providers that will give you quality service without overcharging. Here are my favorites from my experience. It is my opinion that you will benefit greatly from these VoIP providers.

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My Selection of The Best Virtual PBX Providers

1. RingCentral

RingCentral was voted one of the most reliable business VoIP providers in the US. This award winning company has proven that they can deliver quality internet calls. Whether you are operating a multi-million company or you are working alone, you cannot go wrong with RingCentral. They have a full range of products ranging from Professional (for individual) to office VoIP (ten to thousands of users). Their top notch customer service and easy to use product has further made RingCentral the most reputable VoIP provider in the industry today.

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2. VoiPo

Voipo-virtual private branch exchange
VoiPo was founded by Hostgator, a trusted web hosting company. Their aim is to bring savings to consumers with their excellent product and service. Founded by an internet based company, they know how to utilize the facilities and get the most value. So, every penny you spend is worth the service and return. VoiPo’s objective is to help you save 75% off your phone bill by switching to VoIP phone service today. VoiPo does not spend on big advertisement campaigns, With VoiPo, you’ll receive a high quality service for $6.21/mo with unlimited calls to US and Canada.

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3. Grasshopper – Highly Rated & Recommended by Real Users

Grasshopper-internet phone for business
It has been 10 years since Grasshopper was founded by 2 entrepreneurs. This cloud based phone system company works seamlessly with your mobile. Thus there’s no need to purchase any hardware or software for your business phone solution. Grasshopper’s commitment to help entrepreneurs grow their small business has earned them more than 100,000 customers up-to-date (the number is still growing). Grasshopper offers some very nice add-ons and features (find out details in the review), perfect for businesses. No wonder they are the top choice for entrepreneurs.

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4. FreedomVoice

Running a business is not easy nowadays. You need to be flexible and agile, while at the same time use the least resources. FreedomVoice understands that, and they have introduced a dedicated system that integrates everything into one solution for your telecommunication system. Led by the industry veteran, Mr Eric Thomas, who has experience of more than 18 years in the industry, FreedomVoice is loaded with a bunch of useful features for businesses. It’s no reason why businesses trust them and never look back. FreedomVoice will help your business run flawlessly.

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5. Ringcentral Office

Ringcentral Office
If you are having trouble looking for a suitable phone system for your business, look no further. RingCentral Office will solve your problem. Voice, fax and text in one phone system. Work across all your location. Save time and money with RingCentral Office. Plus, there are no ongoing maintenance and setup fees. If you have a business with a few personnel and would like to save some cost while expanding your business, then I highly recommend RingCentral Office.

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6. Phone Power

Phone Power-virtual PBX
Located in California, Phone Power’s sales, technical service, and customer support departments are all locally based. Besides that, they are an eco-friendly company too. They recycle all the used material to help keep our planet green. Most importantly, Phone Power provides great service and products for consumers. With Phone Power, you can receive affordable pricing with great features (more than 40 features available) and support (24/7). Their exceptional customer service, which is also available on weekends, is just too great to be true.

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7. FaxNgo

Get the stress out of faxing. FaxNgo is your solution to the online fax services that you have been looking for. There’s no need for a fax machine. You save the hassle, and it makes it much easier if you are always on the move. FaxNgo offers an easy to use interface and attractive pricing. Furthermore, they offer 14 days of free trial with no obligation, and they will only bill you after the trial. If you don’t like it after the trial, just leave it.

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 Choosing The Best VoIP Service For Your Small Business

Choosing best voip

Not all virtual PBX, hosted PBX or VoIP services are created equal.

Services like RingCentral or Grasshopper have been built from the ground up with SMBs in mind. They have all of the basic features you could ask for, their service plans and pricing don’t beat around the bush, and most notably, their products are very simple to set up and run.

On the other hand, there are VoIP solutions that are designed for larger organizations. Unsurprisingly, these services are a lot more expensive than your basic VoIP service. With the added cost, however, you get more powerful features like 911 emergency response support, call bridging for 10 to 30 people, virtual receptionist for each of your extensions, and more.

In addition, you have providers that offer solutions that are based in the cloud. Don’t worry…the cloud isn’t a daunting thing. In fact, it can make for a great business solution! Cloud communications utilize new age technologies in order to free your business of in-house servers, excess of hardware, and the need to both maintain and upgrade your phone system. This, in turn, helps you save both money and time.

Choosing a cloud communications solution also allows you to work from various locations, and gives your business the flexibility and scalability it needs. No longer do you have to worry about updating or building a bigger phone system. With a cloud-based phone system, this can easily be accomplished! All cloud servers can seamlessly accommodate any increase in demand.

With so many options to choose from and even more features to impress you, how do you find the best VoIP service for your business?

The answer: Start by looking at your needs!

Don’t let the long list of features get the better of you. Buy a hosted VoIP service that is a good fit for your business by looking at these 2 things:

How to choose Virtual PBX Service:

  • Your Average Phone Bill:You may want to sit down with your key employees and do a little bit of math to evaluate how much your company is paying for the phone service. Is it too much? If you and your staff think it is, how much would a VoIP service save you?
  • Your Internet Connection:VoIP uses your internet connection for making and taking calls. Before you can switch from a PSTN to a VoIP solution, your internet connection has to meet a bandwidth requirement. Technically, you can use a dial-up connection, but the call quality you get out of that is mediocre to say the least.


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