8×8 Review- Helping Your Business Reach Customers



Plan Reviewed: Virtual Office Unlimited

Pricing: $19.99/mo
Overall: Recommended!

8×8 is very affordable, helping its customers save up to 90% of their monthly telecom costs. It also offers customizable plans that can be molded to any business.
8×8’s program windows sharing features with the web conferencing does not work quite as well as desktop.
Bottom Line
Overall, 8×8 is an affordable solution that provides reliable customer support and quality service catered directly to your business.  

8×8 Review In Brief

With 8×8 Virtual Office, you’ll have access to exceptional cloud-based communication business tools. With an easy-to-use interface, 8×8 requires virtually no VoIP knowledge so you can get it up and running with ease. From providing hosted PBX and chat to online meetings and faxing, you’ll appreciate all the benefits it has to offer.

At an affordable monthly rate of $19.99 (speak to an agent for this price), the price of the 8×8 Virtual Office factors in the perks. With that in mind, Virtual Office Pro allows you to implement and maintain on-site phone systems and fax and web conferencing functions as well. Generally speaking, Virtual Office Pro is a remarkable cloud-based plan that extends access to it’s users from any browser or phones or tablets. Other than one or two minor details in the initial assessment, 8×8 is considered to be a perfect solution for businesses looking to boost their VoIP capabilities.

Why 8×8?

With 8×8 Virtual Office Pro, you’ll have access to endless local or long-distance calling throughout the U.S. , Canada, along with several other countries. Plus, you will get their exceptional, high caliber VoIP service. Their services offer auto attendant and holding music for your callers to ring groups, unlimited calling, including international, and more. Whether you’re looking for call forwarding features or extension dialing, Virtual Office Pro has it all. Each of these features can present your brand as a sophisticated, professional business.

Easy Setup

Simple to install

Start saving money fast!

Easy Setup

Is It Easy to Use?

In addition to those business-class features, customers gain access to a friendly online dashboard to make and manage all of their calls. Online faxing, chat capabilities, Internet audio and video conferencing, and phone call recording all prove why Virtual Office Pro is a keeper. 8×8 Virtual Office Pro also allows you to port your existing telephone number so your customers won’t have to chase you down or spend hours locating your new contact number, features not available with Google Voice.

If you are searching for a comprehensive, dependable solution that can help take your company’s communication efforts to a whole new level, 8×8 is the option for you.

What Features Does 8×8 Offer?

When it comes to easy-to-use, 8×8 Virtual Office Pro has a simple setup. You’ll simply log into your Virtual Office and then set up a profile. Add things like your name, email address, and other identifying information, and that’s it.

Advanced setup is also available and include such things as Call Rules, which determines how phone calls will be directed in particular circumstances. For instance, in the event that you are currently on a phone call, you could send it straight to voicemail or send to another extension.

It really is easy for users to control their unique contact directories. With 8×8’s Virtual Office Pro, you’ll be able to integrate Microsoft Outlook. You can even arrange specific setting for the auto attendant sing PBX portal by way of the system administrator side of the dashboard.

8×8 Virtual Office Pro has many features to offer. From the Unified Communications and Integrated VoIP to internet fax capabilities, web conferencing and chat, Virtual Office Pro hits it out of the park. When you include the unlimited local and long-distance phone calls to the simple web interface options, you really can’t go wrong. If you need a list, you’ll see that 8×8 Virtual Office Pro offers:

  • Highly affordable monthly rates
  • Competitor pricing match on some plans
  • Free to port your number
  • Customer service from e-chat or telephone (US-based)
  • Virtual numbers for international calls
  • Advanced features at no additional cost
  • Conferencing
  • Easy click to call features

How Reliable is 8×8?

8×8 is a reputable, prize-winning VoIP supplier with an emphasis on small businesses, companies and enterprises. It has a few quirks, however, the limitless plans are extremely reasonable. It’s also among the only suppliers to provide you with international calling options at any level.

Their leading-edge features and economical prices make 8×8’s Virtual Office Pro a good option for small businesses. 8×8 is particularly beneficial to companies that make or take frequent phone calls to the international locations.

Unlimited Calling

No Hidden Costs

Save up to 90% of your telephone costs!

Unlimited Calling