How does Virtual PBX work?

How Virtual PBX Works

Have you ever wondered how virtual actually PBX works?

Well, in short it is quite simple as the diagram above illustrates.

When you place a call, the call will be handled by your PBX provider and the data will be transmitted through the cloud using internet access.

Then the voice data will be transmitting to your cell phone, or any other hardware that you might be using to accept the signal.


Why Should I Use Virtual PBX?

Best voip communication

I had my fix line phone at home, my cell phone in my pocket. I do not need another method of phone or communication.

I’m sure most of us had the same. But as internet getting cheaper and accessible, it’s quite difficult for us to neglect the importance and the cost efficient that bring by virtual PBX.

The ownership of a VoIP system is very low. With the emerging of a new VoIP player everyday in the market, the competition has been intense and virtual PBX provider will do everything within their mean to gain new customers. That is why most of the best VoIP provider provide free leased hardware and zero cost of installation for their new customer.

The running cost in using VoIP is considerably cheaper than any other type of communication, such as fixed line analog phone or even your newly sign cell phone package.

In United States, most of the VoIP service that I’d reviewed cost below $10/mo for residential VoIP. The 2 most favorable home VoIP for me are Phone Power and VoiPo.

While as for the office use VoIP, I would recommend RingCentral or Grasshopper. Both had their own advantages over another. You really had to find out more about each of them before jumping on board with any of them. However, I’m sure you’ll have your money well invested with any of them here.

In conclusion, most of the VoIP service will give you a reduction of 65% and above to your monthly phone bill. It depends on your monthly usage of course but nonetheless it does help to cut down your budget on your phone bill.