BroadVoice Review- A Leading VoIP Provider


Plan Reviewed: Unlimited USA Plus Plan

Pricing: $17.95/mo
Overall: Recommended!

BroadVoice allows you to make unlimited international calls to 80 countries. Plus, there are no contract, setup fees, and a free adapter.
BroadVoice can be a little expensive, but it offers quality service for your business and lets you make international calls cheaply.
Bottom Line
Overall, BroadVoice is an excellent solution for businesses who do a lot of overseas collaboration. It is cheap, reliable, and has valuable customer service.

BroadVoice Review In Brief

BroadVoice is one of the leading providers of Voice over IP telephone services in the business sector. Their services let you make calls all over the world and conduct video conferences easily and at an affordable price. For the equipment, you have many options. In contrast to other service providers, BroadVoice doesn’t force you to buy or rent overpriced IP phones. You can choose to use your own SIP-enabled phones, use a softphone on your PC or mobile device or use analogue telephones with a digital adapter. For those who want to acquire quality IP phones, BroadVoice can also provide you with equipment. They offer an honest and transparent service with no hidden costs and a 30-day guarantee, showing that they are confident that you will find their service suitable for your business phone needs.

What Features Does BroadVoice Offer?

Each plan offered by this provider comes with a wide range of calling features that will make any business owner happy. BroadVoice offers both basic and advanced calling features. The basic features included are what you would expect with any high-quality business phone service, such as call waiting, voicemail to email, call notify, conditional call forwarding, last number redial, voicemail aliases, speed dial, three way calling, call screening, anonymous call rejection and the ability to make international calls.

Examples of advanced features provided include conference calling, simultaneous ringing, caller ID blocking, a mobile softphone app, priority alert and enhanced 911. At the moment, BroadVoice doesn’t support faxing or offer toll-free numbers.

One element that sets BroadVoice¬†apart is their international calling plans, which let you call over 80 countries in the world. This is perfect if you’re a company that does business around the world.

Easy Setup

Quick and seamless integration

Achieve your business goals by staying connected.

Easy Setup

How Can I Get Started?

Setting up your phone system is very easy. The steps you will need to perform will vary depending on what equipment you’re using. However, instructions are provided on their website and are simple to follow. There is no need to have a technician come on site to install the equipment. In fact, you can get it done by yourself in just a couple of minutes. All you need to make their phone system work is an existing broadband Internet connection.

Once your system is set up, all of your call records and billing details are available online so that you can manage your account in a paperless way. You won’t have to wait until an invoice reaches you in the mail. Their online app called the BroadVoice Call Manager is used to take care of your phone system’s features. This service is quite easy to use and you will likely figure it out in just a couple of minutes even if you haven’t used a VoIP phone service in the past.

How Much Does BroadVoice Cost?

One of the main complaints that users of traditional phone systems have is how expensive the service can get. BroadVoice’s response to this is to provide business users with flat-rate plans that are very affordable and are clearly described to avoid any confusion. Here is a basic overview of their calling plans:

(a) Unlimited In-State Plan

This plan is just $9.95 per month and allows you to make unlimited calls inside your state. Calls to other US states and Canadian provinces are billed at 3.9 cents per minute. You get your choice of phone number in any of the 3,800 rate centers in the United States as well as unlimited incoming calls.

(b) Unlimited USA Plus Plan

Here again, you get unlimited incoming calls. The difference is that the Unlimited USA Plus plan, you can make outbound calls to all 50 US states, Puerto Rico and Canada for a flat rate of $17.95 per month. You can choose your phone number in any US state and city.

(c) Unlimited World Plans

This is where BroadVoice truly outshines many of its competitors. Not all VoIP providers support outgoing international calls and those who do frequently charge rather high per-minute rates. BroadVoice recognizes that in today’s business world, global communications are more important than ever. This is why their three Unlimited World plans let you make unlimited calls to many destinations around the world. The breakdown of the plans is as follows:

    -Unlimited World – $19.95 per month and allows calling to 28 countries.
    -Unlimited World Plus – $24.95 per month and allows calling to 75 countries.
    -Unlimited World Premium – $49.95 per month and allows calling to 87 countries.

All of their Unlimited World plans come with the standard basic and advanced features of the other plans, such as the ability to choose a local phone number in any city, plus unlimited incoming calls.

(d) Unlimited Business Plan

This plan has been designed to meet the needs of business people who engage in commercial activities in different locations. If you have clients all over the USA and Canada, this plan is the right choice for you. For the low rate of $29.95 per month, you will receive a choice of a phone number in the US or Canada, plus up to 2 additional numbers in any other city or state.

How is BroadVoice’s Customer Support?

If you have any inquiries, BroadVoice is ready to help. Unlike with competitors, speaking to an actual human being is very easy when you’re doing business with BroadVoice. They have a team of customer service professionals working 5 AM to 7 PM on weekdays and 6 AM to 4 PM during weekends, ready to answer your calls. In addition to support by phone, you can reach them via live chat on their website or by email.

Although the company doesn’t provide support through social media sites like Twitter or Facebook at the moment, their website contains a lot of self-help information that you can use. The FAQ section of their site is very thorough and will answer practically any question that you might have about setting up your VoIP phone service and taking advantage of all of the calling features which come with your plan.


30 Day Guarantee

No Hidden Costs

No Obligation. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

30 Day Guarantee