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Plan Reviewed: Business

Pricing: $9.99/mo

Overall: Highly Recommended!

Cebod Telecom offers award-winning customer service, affordable prices, and high quality calling. Pay per line, not per user.  There’s no business phone system cost, and customers receive unlimited user extensions.
Cebod Telecom does not offer live chat support, but does offer traditional forms of customer service, including a toll-free number, e-mail address, and online contact form.
Bottom Line
Cebod Telecom’s feature-rich plans are well-suited for growing businesses of all sizes. Business phone plans start at an economical rate, and you can have your business up and running in 5 minutes.

Cebod Telecom Review: Dependability, Features, Benefits and Support

In recent years, more and more companies are switching to telephone systems that use Voice Over Internet Protocol. In many ways, this helps them cut costs and accomplish more. It increases flexibility by enabling employees to use the same phone system from any location with an Internet connection. Cebod Telecom is one of the many telecommunications providers competing to offer the best features and rates to VoIP users. While some firms market cloud-based phones to residential customers, Cebod Telecom primarily focuses on serving business owners.

System Features

This provider supplies clients with an impressive assortment of amenities and capabilities. Subscribers needn’t pay extra to access most functions. They include things like call forwarding, faxing and toll-free communication. The available features range from interactive voice response menus to unlimited calling in North America. For instance, Cebod Telecom can provide on-hold music that callers hear while they wait to speak with representatives. It also facilitates call waiting, recording, voice mail and a variety of other advanced services.

Although Cebod’s offerings lack a few esoteric features like high-definition video conferences and business SMS, its capabilities satisfy the vast majority of clients. Subscribers can benefit from three-way calls, queues, emergency calling, specialized routing and automatic logging. It’s also possible to create an unlimited number of extensions. The system handles transfers, caller identification and automated greetings as well. When users want to configure these features, they can log into Cebod Telecom’s website and use its account management functions to make the desired changes.


This VoIP service can benefit North American companies ranging from small to quite large. It offers the right capabilities for hotels, stores, educational institutions, hospitals, municipal governments and many other entities. The feature list and pricing make Cebod desirable for numerous small firms. Such businesses appreciate the fact that this provider has per-line rates and doesn’t charge by the user. Small companies can save money by assigning every line to more than one employee. Monthly rates start at under $20 for each line; a variety of factors affect the exact cost.

Major Benefits

Cebod Telecom enables businesses to communicate worldwide without excessive costs or complexity. Users may connect to its cloud-based network from locations around the globe. This provider takes care of most maintenance and setup functions, so clients can pay attention to running their businesses. Equipment expenses are low, and Cebod offers economical monthly rates. Many customers cut their telephone costs by around 60 percent when they switch to this service. However, potential clients must keep in mind that they need to separately pay for Internet access with adequate bandwidth.


When business owners sign up for cloud-based phone services from recently established providers, they don’t really know what to expect. This isn’t a problem with Cebod Telecom. The company began serving clients in 2008, so there’s plenty of information on their reputation and level of dependability. Clients can rest assured that this provider will serve them reliably and keep downtime to a minimum. Several years of experience have helped Cebod Telecom adopt the right technology and practices to optimize performance.

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Many customers praise this VoIP provider for supplying valuable, easy-to-use services. They appreciate its affordable pricing, high audio quality and sophisticated features. Although the sound quality may not be quite the same as that of a traditional landline phone, subscribers often express strong satisfaction with its clarity. It usually surpasses their expectations. Clients are also happy that they don’t have to pay extra for a wide range of advanced capabilities.


Helpful customer service makes Cebod Telecom a popular choice. Users report that the staff helps them set up accounts and phones as quickly and easily as possible. Representatives can also assist clients in the process of transferring existing telephone numbers to the system. The company is based in California and offers phone-based support on weekdays. Subscribers may reach the staff via email or call a toll-free number. Additionally, Internet-based account management enables users to manually make changes at any hour.


Another advantage of this cloud-based phone system is that it’s highly scalable. A business can continue to use this provider as it grows larger, opens multiple locations or downsizes. There are plans with desirable prices and features for companies of all sizes. Cebod Telecom is capable of handling large volumes of calls as well. Why is this important? It can save subscribers a considerable amount of time and money. When their needs change, they don’t need to pay fees, replace equipment, port numbers, suffer communication outages or configure new accounts.


Cebod Telecom partners with a wide range of organizations to help make all of this possible. Among others, they work with integration experts, consultants, agents and resellers. In addition to expanding its capabilities, various partnerships help to ensure that this provider will attract new clients and remain in business for many years to come. Some satisfied customers earn back their subscription fees or generate extra revenue by referring other users to this VoIP firm. Clients also have the option to consolidate bills by obtaining Internet connections from Cebod Telecom.

Easy Setup

This provider supplies ready-to-use phones that don’t need to be configured manually. Users simply connect them to Internet routers after signing up for the service. Subscribers can choose between Grandstream and Yealink telephone equipment. The online administration system is easy to use as well. If there are any problems, the knowledgeable technical support personnel can provide helpful answers. They handle all software updates and system maintenance. After all, the software and servers that run the system are located at the provider’s facility.

To sum it up, Cebod Telecom offers a business VoIP service with competitive rates and numerous features. Clients needn’t pay extra for things like call forwarding, conference calls or faxing. This provider has reliably served customers for more than seven years. Businesses don’t need to take a major risk by trying this service. They can request a free trial that lasts for one month. After acquiring the necessary phones, new clients may start communicating in less than 10 minutes.


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