CorvisaCloud Review- One Stop Communication Management Tool for the 21st Century

CorvisaCloud review

Plan Reviewed: Business Standard

Pricing: $25.00/mo (per license)
Overall: Recommended!

CorvisaCloud offers flexible phone options from a carrier-class network. With a cloud-based management, you always have reliable quality service. Plus, there are no setup or termination fees.
CorvisaCloud offers excellent customer service, but it can take a couple days for them to get back to you.
Bottom Line
CorvisaCloud offers great plans for your business. Plus, they have a particularly great Salesforce integration so you can get your business needs up and running in no time.

CorvisaCloud Review In Brief

Cost effective communications is what every business looks for in their phone system. With CorvisaCloud, you can conduct business effortlessly through a cloud based phone system. Integrated tools such as Salesforce offer businesses easy ways to track and connect with their clients and customers. Their wide array of options includes:

Flexible Phone Options-

  • Desk Phones-SIP enabled phones supported Polycom VVX Series 310, 410 and 500
  • CorvisaOne Softphone-works with desktop download-just need headset
  • Mobile App-Corvisa’s IOS app provides effortlessly connections on mobile devices
  • Call handling and Visual Voicemail
  • Call detail records of received, dialed and missed calls

Why Should I Choose CorvisaCloud?

CorvisaCloud has scalability and flexibility to ensure call quality and deliverability. Their secure network abides by PCI, SOX and HiPAA regulations. All phones are password protected.

CorvisaCloud also offers a communication based solution for business. The Product-Plus-Platform solution is based on the call center environment. The CorvisaOne cloud contact center suite connects both outbound and inbound call center calls seamlessly. It works on a flexible and customized Summit Platform that allows adjustments and upgrades to be done instantly. There are three editions for business to choose from:

  • CorvisaOne Basic- Contact Center functionality for less money as unwanted features are dropped and limited essential inbound features are added.
  • CorvisaOne Inbound-This edition has advanced inbound features, easy queue setup and the flexibility to make changes in real time.
  • CorvisaOne Complete-This edition offers the total customer service experience and has advanced features for both inbound and outbound calls.

The Product-Plus-Platform solution offers both Salesforce integration and workflow automation so sales and marketing personnel can generate and follow up on leads. Workflow collaboration tools allow real time fixes and quicker resolution of customer issues. The co-browsing tools help agents uncover new leads and gain new sales. With Corvisa, managing marketing campaigns just got easier.

The Summit Platform works with Corvisa’s product suite by allowing customization and addition of communication apps to support the business. This allows for flexibility as the business grows in its communication needs.

Managing communication is important. Managers need integrated communication tools and features to help them manage their business. Corvisa provides those tools. Their Summit Platform helps managers design and customize their phone systems and their contact centers to achieve optimal performance.

Corvisa also has a fully hosted voice and SMS platform to help developers build new systems and applications. They work with developers to allow them to test and deploy applications on a fully hosted SMS platform. Corvisa provides free inbound SMS and offers to load twenty dollars on their client’s account to help them get started. Developers and other interested parties are welcome to work on code completion and testing before launching their newly built voice applications. They provide API references and easy set up features. There is also a community to help clients troubleshoot and ask questions about applications.

Easy Setup

Quick and seamless integration

Achieve your business goals by staying connected.

Easy Setup

How Much Does CorvisaCloud Cost?

Developer Costs

  • Phone numbers start at $1.00 a month for a standard/local DID & Toll free line.
  • No cost for initial set up.
  • Messaging rates are $0.00 for inbound long-code SMS and $0.007 for outbound long-code SMS.
  • 1 GB Data Storage rates are forty cents per month.
  • Voice standard inbound rates are $0.007 per minute and standard outbound rates are $0.015 per minute.

Business Phone Systems

  • Business Phone Systems are priced per license. Corvisa offers licenses starting at $25 per month with features like extension dialing and transfers.
  • Corvisa offers phone features such as an auto attendant/IVR included in their package.
  • Features like call handling and call logs are standard features in every business phone system.

What Do I Get From CorvisaCloud?

Corvisa offers Salesforce and Workflow consulting services for businesses that need some direction on where they want to take their business. Corvisa also provides support services and resources. The biggest feature of Corvisa’s product line is its flexibility and scalability. Corvisa’s technicians and customer support personnel are available 24/7 to help companies with communication issues with their phone system and the network.

Security and ease of service is Corvisa’s mission in providing safe and efficient web based phone and contact center systems. Updating critical information in real time is a benefit that secure cloud based phone systems provide.

Corvisa has a live chat with knowledgeable and efficient staff to help solve any business communication issue. Corvisa also offers a single source for connectivity and consulting with live demonstrations of their product.

Why CorvisaCloud?

The low cost of Corvisa’s Voice SIP VOIP service is what makes this ideal for budget conscious businesses. With no long term contract, Corvisa beats the competition with its balanced usage costs. International calls are slightly more expensive, but an iNum international phone number is free of charge.

SIP Trunking allows businesses to keep their existing business phone system. This saves companies from having to purchase a whole new physical phone system and saves the cost of T1 services. Corvisa’s carrier-grade network delivers clear high quality digital voice through existing PBX phones. Unlimited capacity for growth allows businesses to add as many lines as they need. Their industry leading Sonus equipment is backed by enterprise level service level agreements to ensure business continue to function and grow their communications network.

Codec support, IP protocol, signaling fields, forwarding features and Caller ID features are basic on all SIP supported phones. SIP Trunking also allows businesses to use many of the features available as standard features with Corvisa’s own business phone system.

CorvisaCloud, because it is a VOIP phone system, is very flexible and can be utilized worldwide. Corvisa provides good technical support; gives demonstrations on all their products and can customize their phone system to fill both small and large companies’ communications needs.

No Extra Fees

No Setup or Termination Fees

No Obligation. Cancel Anytime.

No Extra Fees