FreedomVoice Review – Why You Can Trust Them & Never Look Back


Plan Reviewed: FreedomStart

Pricing: $9.95/mo

Overall: Recommended!

You can get an 800 number for less than $10 per month, and the FreedomVoice plan includes 300 minutes of calling per month. This is a one stop solution for your business telecommunication needs.
You do not get many features unless you opt for an upgrade. However, it’s still a good deal considering the basic plan offers more than enough for business communication.
Bottom Line
FreedomVoice keeps all your services bundled, so you can easily get all you need from one place. Plus, there is a 30 day free trial. If you’re on the fence, this option gives you no excuse but to try it out.

Single-Stop Telecommunications Solutions for Business Owners

Business owners these days are pulled in many directions at once, all while trying to maintain a positive company image.

Credibility is a main factor in any business, and setting up a professional 800 number can make your company more appealing to the savvy consumer who is skeptical to trust.

Running a business isn’t always easy, but FreedomVoice is available to make your telecommunication needs run flawlessly. That way, you can focus on viable business growth instead of the technical details.


1. Who Is FreedomVoice?


What makes FreedomVoice a cut above the competition?

They are industry veterans led by CEO Eric Thomas,with experience in telecommunication since 1996. FreedomVoice was one of the first toll free number services in the United States.

By this point, they have honed their process, so you can always rely on a great connection and stellar customer service.

FreedomVoice continues to stay on top of their industry with cutting edge features, increased efficiency and connectivity improvements.


2. How Can Virtual Phone Systems Benefit You?

What makes a virtual phone system a great business option?

Virtual phone systems greatly lower your telecommunications costs compared to traditional enterprise phone systems. The process in which a virtual phone system works is simple when broken down.

Your toll-free number rings and is sent to your auto attendant (a virtual receptionist), who provides your callers with information and guides them through the virtual phone line system. If your callers dial an extension, their call can be transferred through with call forwarding. The caller will hear music and be held in a call queue until you are ready to take the phone call.

An alternative is that the caller goes to voicemail and the messages are delivered as MP3s to your email. Lastly, you can send and receive faxes online from any computer, because your virtual phone system will also have the capability to be used as an Internet fax service.


3. FreedomVoice Packages and Services

FreedomVoice makes managing all of your services a stress-free experience with a web-based control panel called WebLink. WebLink allows you to alter your settings, run call reports, update account information, send faxes, and check voicemail messages.

FreedomVoice packages are run through this platform, and it is all included in the monthly fee.

Freedomvoice Pricing

However, there are different features for the three main packages:

1. The FreedomStart Package includes 10 voicemail boxes and 300 included minutes a month. It is $9.95 a month with 4.9 cents added for each additional minute.

2. The FreedomEdge Package includes 25 voicemail boxes and 1000 included minutes a month. It is $24.95 a month with 4.5 cents added for each additional minute.

3. The FreedomSuite Package includes 100 voicemail boxes and 2500 included minutes a month. It is $59.95 a month with 3.9 cents added for each additional minute.


4. How Are The Features From FreedomVoice?

When you sign up, you will notice that each plan already comes with a large list of features.

These features include: toll-free or local number, auto attendant greeting, follow-me-live call forwarding, automated call routing, business voicemail services, email delivery of messages, Internet faxing service, call screening, call blocking, WebLINK internet control panel, and a free 30 day trial.

In addition, you can add a call queue with music to your virtual phone system for only $10 per month.

FreedomVoice also offers a few key services that you should take note of:

1. Voicemail Transcription: This service will deliver all of your voicemails conveniently to your email or cell phone. Get your voicemails on the go in a hassle free way for $10 per month.

2. Record Calls: With a 2GB of online storage allotment, you can record calls that are forwarded to you live. Storing calls and having them later for playback can be a powerful asset to have when organizing your company and reviewing employees. This service will cost you $69.95 per month.

3. Professional Voice Talents: Professional recordings can be bought on a quote basis to make your recorded auto attendant and voicemail scripts sound clear, professional, and friendly. Professional recordings are a quote-based service of FreedomVoice.

4. Custom Solutions: FreedomVoice does not limit what they do to help their customers. With the ability to make a virtual phone system crafted to your needs, FreedomVoice can include advanced APIs and database access. Custom solutions are available to discuss on a quote basis, as the needs of different businesses vary greatly.


5. Is FreedomVoice The VoIP Phone Solution?


If you are a business owner interested in VoIP Phones, FreedomVoice has a dedicated division called “FreedomIQ”.

FreedomIQ can host your VoIP phone system while sending and receiving calls over your existing Internet connection. This will diminish the need for PBX (private branch exchange) maintenance and takes away the responsibility of organizing your phone line system.

This can help you save money through no on-site PBX hardware, improve call quality, band together your telecommuters by integrating all locations into a single phone network, and reduce your risk for service interruption.


6. Why You Can Trust FreedomVoice With Your Needs and Never Look Back

Overall, if you are looking for a single-stop solution for all of your phone line needs, FreedomVoice is ideal.

Having all of your services bundled together through one dedicated team is much easier than having to constantly be in contact with different companies or deal with the upkeep of your own telephone lines.

FreedomVoice is so confident in their services that they offer a risk-free 30 Day Trial on their Toll Free Number Service with no hidden or setup fees. If you are on the fence about getting started, this gives you no excuse not to. Once you see how much time can be free in your business to make other decisions, you’ll never look back with your telecommunication needs. Convenience and quality can be yours now for an affordable monthly charge.
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