Intermedia Business

Plan Reviewed: Business

Pricing: $30.99/mo

Overall: Strongly Recommended!

Intermedia offers clients a Worry-Free experience and understand the importance of your privacy and accuracy when it comes to managing your cloud. 
Intermedia does not offer a trial period to test out their product.
Bottom Line
With Intermedia you can rest assured that their team is working around the clock to ensure that your communication is seamless.

All About Intermedia- Q & A

1. What Does Intermedia Do?

Intermedia specializes in delivering sustainable and reliable VoIP phone system service to enterprises.

2. Where Are They Based?

Intermedia is located in Mountain View, California; with additional offices in New York, Seattle, London, Sydney and St. Peterburg, Russia.

3. What Kind of Plans Do They Offer?

Intermedia offers a top quality service for Cloud PBX, with a money back guarantee. This plan includes webfax, one DID, voicemail box and conference bridging. This plan costs $30.99 per user with $0 setup fees.

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4. Do They Offer A Free Trial?

No. Intermedia offers a money back guarantee.

5. How is the Customer Support From Intermedia?

Intermedia offers a 24/7 customer service support. They have offices all over the world and make them selves available to better serve the worry free experience.


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