Plan Reviewed: Tier 5

Pricing: $19.95/mo

Overall: Highly Recommended!

Jive is a fast and efficient business phone system that can give you all you need for your business! There are tons of different features, and you can choose the perfect plan to fit your business size. In addition, customer service is always available. 
Getting a response via email can sometimes take a long time, so it’s better to live chat or call in. 
Bottom Line
Jive offers up a full array of features to satiate business clients ranging from small scale to corporate scale. A Jive phone system is perfectly capable of bringing you all of the same features included in traditional phone system, as well as tons of extra handy features you never knew you needed!

All About Jive- Q & A

Voted Frost & Sullivan’s “Entrepreneurial Company of the Year,” Jive is the perfect solution for all your VoIP needs. Jive offers hosted VoIP and unified communications to hundreds of businesses worldwide. Check with Jive today to find the best business VoIP service for your company.

1. What Does Jive Do?

Jive provides hosted PBX solutions that give clients full control over their phone systems. Custom prompts, time-based routing, call parking and pickup, and line dial plans are all included with a VoIP phone system plan from Jive. Each package is perfectly customizable to fit the needs and image of your business.

With Jive, it’s also possible to connect everyone together. Paging a group, transferring calls, and connecting several callers to a single conference has never been easier. VoIP even allows you to listen to your voicemail on your smartphone while away from the office. VoIP is centered entirely around making what was once impossible a reality.

2. How Can Jive Help Your Business?

Collaboration is also extremely simple with Jive. Regardless of whether you or your employees are in the office or not, you can all have direct access to your phone system as if you actually were. VoIP makes it easy to track call analytics, voicemail, and fax on-site or even remotely.

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3. Is Jive Expensive?

Clients on a budget will appreciate Jive’s cost. Phone systems that previously would have costed hundreds or even thousands of dollars are now attainable for an affordable rate per month. For an attractive price, you can give your customers an experience that can only be described as enterprise-quality.

4. What Plans Does Jive Offer?

There are 5 types of different plans by Jive:

(a) Tier 1 (1-4 users) – $29.95/device

(b) Tier 2 (5-9 users) – $25.95/device

(c) Tier 3 (10-24 users) – $23.95/device

(d) Tier 4 (25-49 users) – $21.95/device

(d) Tier 5 (50-100 users) – $19.95/device


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5. Should You Make the Switch to Jive?

VoIP is such a simple piece of technology that can be integrated with your existing business internet connection. Additionally, the cost of both your telephone and internet service can be joined creating instant savings. With Jive, the entire system can be configured and maintained from a GUI (graphic user interface), making it easy for anyone employed your business to use it.

Plus, Jive’s VoIP phone systems are feature-packed. These days, VoIP phone systems come with even more features than those offered by traditional telephone providers. Jive has made it as easy as possible to maintain full control over your phone system.

In addition, Jive’s phone systems can be used remotely. In the event that you want spend a day working at home, you can rest assured that the phone isn’t ringing off the hook back at the office while you’re not there. Wherever you decide to hook the phone back up (provided there is an active internet connection there), your phone service will resume as if it was still in the office. That’s the beauty of bringing your phone system into the cloud. Relocating is also easy with VoIP. Should you ever need to move your business to a new location, it’s very easy to move your phone system along with it. It comes down to a matter of unplugging all of your hardware and simply moving it to your new location.

6. How Is Jive’s Customer Service?

You don’t need to call out a technician to fix your phone system. In the event that your VoIP phone system experiences a hiccup, you won’t have to wait for an IT professional to arrive at your work site and fix the problem. With VoIP, problems can be fixed online without hands-on expertise. If the problem is hardware-related, a service professional can help walk you through the fix in a matter of minutes over the phone. Jive offers a user manuals, tutorial videos, and even a live chat so you can get all your questions answered right away. And in the event that none of these can help you, you can always submit a support ticket from live USA-based Jive support technicians, service agents, and network engineers.

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