Plan Reviewed: MiVoice Business

Pricing: $17.50/month
Overall: Recommended!

Mitel’s plans are customizable, so each product caters directly to your business. This will help you get exactly what you need to succeed. 
The support can take over 24 hours to respond, and there is no live chat .
Bottom Line
Overall, Mitel is one of the top VoIP communication services. With over 40 years of cloud communications experience, Mitel is committed to getting your business the best deal for the best VoIP services.

Mitel Review In Brief

The Mitel cloud communication suite allows businesses to improve communications without losing the benefits provided by a phone company. VoIP communications provided by Mitel help businesses avoid the typical problems encountered with phone company plans. Plus, Mitel offers many different plans and features and allows you to customize your service to your business.

All About Mitel – Q & A

What Features Does Mitel Offer?

Mitel AnyWare specializes in providing services to businesses, so they offer tools required to make your business work. They make it easy to effectively communicate with clients by offering a variety of features, including 3-way calling, account management, auto attendant, call center, call hold and transfer, caller ID, extensions, PC to phonecalls, voicemail to email, and more.

Easy Setup

Simple to administer

Achieve your business goals by staying connected.

Easy Setup

How Can I Get Started?

Every office that requires Mitel’s services may request a specialty installation of the Mitel system. The system may be hosted on-site, or Mitel will host the service through their cloud. A small business that does not have the space or means for on-site hosting may use the cloud, and large businesses that have the resources necessary for on-site hosting may commission a new installation. Customers must evaluate their business before selecting the installation style, and the business may train its employees based on the style of the installation.

Mitel offers new handsets that may be purchased at the same time the service is purchased. New handsets are perfectly matched to the service offered by Mitel, and the setup for each handset is much faster. Employees in the office may install their own phones, and each phone can be set up using the owner’s manual.

Phones come in cordless and traditional styles. The traditional office phone with a cord works well in a large office with several phones, but a small business with one or two employees may use a cordless phone. The cordless phones are designed to transmit wireless data to the Internet, and the cordless phones have all the same features and their traditional cousins.

The phones come complete with voicemail and inbox options for every user. Voicemails are easy to retrieve in these phones, and the phones have several lines that may be used in an office setting. The intercom setting may be used to communicate with a secretary, and the receptionist’s phone will contain a transfer button for every line in the office. Customers are not giving up the convenience of traditional phones, but the connections created by VoIP phones are far more reliable.

What Kind of Packages Does Mitel Offer?


Service packages offered by Mitel come with international calling rates, local calling rates and programming to control telephones in the office. The package is paid for on a monthly basis just like plans offered by the phone company, but the services are handled using the local Internet connection in the office. A business may change its service package at any time, and the service package includes a specific number of phones.

Prices for the Mitel service plans depend entirely on what each customer orders. A business that is working on a budget may order a simple policy that provides easy calling for the office, and a large company that has money to spend may create a rather expensive plan that serves every person in the office perfectly. Your business can customize the package for your needs.

How Reliable is Mitel?


Inclement weather and breakdowns in the phone company’s network cause calls to drop or change in quality all the time. Communicating with customers is extremely difficult when those customers are not able to hear what is being said on the other end of the line. The connections created using an interoffice Internet connection are stronger, and all calls are easier to hear. International calls made through the Internet are far more reliable, and overseas customers can communicate with the office at any time. International calls were once seen as a stumbling block for business deals, but any business may close an international deal over the phone with complete confidence. With Mitel, no one loses a big deal because their call will not stay connected.

Why Mitel?

Mitel has created a cloud communication suite that serves all businesses large and small. The plans are customizable for every customer, and there are phones available for purchase that match the plan. Every customer who trusts their phone calls to a VoIP network may receive service through the Mitel cloud or an on-site server. Mitel installs the hardware on behalf of every customer, and the services remain reasonably priced even when a customer works with Mitel for many years at a time.

No Hidden Costs

No Setup or Termination Fees

No Obligation. Easy to cancel.

No Hidden Costs