Plan Reviewed: Metered

Pricing: $8.95/mo, $0.029/min

Overall: Highly Recommended!

OnSIP is a cutting edge business phone service that delivers the best IP technologies. With auto attendants, affordable pricing, reliable call quality, and astonishing customer support, OnSIP is one of the best VoIP services available for your business.  
There is no call recording feature, and the conference bridges can get expensive if your company uses many.  
Bottom Line
Overall, OnSIP provides a very good business package. You can pay as you go for only the features you need and the calls you make or you can get an affordable price per person. In addition, OnSIP has a ton of features to choose from and excellent customer service.  

All About OnSIP – Q & A

Founded in 2004, OnSIP is a relatively new member of the business VoIP market. Other companies try to serve every customer possible, but OnSIP creates products that are designed for small and medium sized businesses. OnSIP provides business services that will change the way you operate.

1. Who Should Use OnSIP?

OnSIP creates small and medium sized packages for your business, and you must be a business of this size to get a real benefit from your phone plan. The packages from OnSIP are priced to help you save money, and you should ask for a recommendation from OnSIP. The staff will take information about your business when you request a quote, and you will receive a recommendation based on your business’ needs.

The packages you purchase are much less expensive than packages you will find with the phone company, and you get custom installation with OnSIP. OnSIP creates an environment where you completely rehabilitate your business phone system, and you may purchase everything you need from them.

2. Can You Get a New Phone?

You can purchase new phones for your business, and OnSIP offers phones that match up with their service speeds. The service speeds from OnSIP are meant for small businesses, and you will not get more than you need. You are purchasing phones at a steep discount over what you would pay when you shop privately for your phones.

Purchase your phones from OnSIP to get the best connection between your phones and your phone service. The VoIP service offered by OnSIP connects directly to your phone when you hook it up, and you may do your own installation in the office. OnSIP services and phones will help you get your installation done quickly once you make your purchase.

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3.How Do I Install It?

The phones you purchase from OnSIP are ready to install once you make your purchase. The phones comes in a box with the proper cables and bases. Each phone connects to the Ethernet jack in the wall, and the Internet connection powers your phone. Your phone is not functional without an Internet connection, and you must set up each office or desk with the phone near a jack. Proper organization of your office will help you utilize OnSIP properly.

The phones in your office may connect to the base using a wire, or cordless phones are available. The connection to the Internet is maintained by the base, and the handsets pick up the signal you receive when you make a call. Each phone works in the same manner, and new phones provide the best signal for the calls you make.

4. Why Use VoIP?

VoIP services for your business allow you to make phone calls around the world with a better connection than you get from the phone company. The phone company’s signal is subject to many different problems that will make each call a little bit fuzzy, but a VoIP signal gives you a seamless transmission on any call you make.

The VoIP connection works well for international calls, and the calls you make through your VoIP service are charged to your account automatically. Making calls with the phone company is much more expensive, and the VoIP service does not require special calling procedures to make a single phone call.

Your clients and family around the world can get in touch with you over the VoIP service, and OnSIP provides the platform for these simple calls. You are guaranteeing a much better connection for your business when you invest in the VoIP packages from OnSIP.

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5.Can You Do It Better?

There are other VoIP companies around the world that will offer you similar services, but most VoIP companies offer service to all customers. OnSIP offers services to small and medium sized business. The businesses that need help from OnSIP  can be sure that OnSIP is committed to their needs alone. OnSIP helps everyone who is in need of service, and the OnSIP customer care team resolves all issues quickly.

There are other businesses that will help you get a VoIP connection, but OnSIP is the only company that will work for you as a small business. You get everything you need from OnSIP , and they offer a reliable connection for all your phones.

6.How Can You Get OnSIP?

OnSIP allows you to shop online for your service and your phones. Their company provides service that helps you get what you need immediately, and the phones will be shipped to your location immediately. Compare the packages from OnSIP on your website, and ensure that you are buying the package that works best for your business. A company that is truly committed to good communication will benefit from the online shopping catalog from OnSIP .

OnSIP is the finest service for VoIP that you can use for your business, and you will receive services that are targeted at your company. Every business owner needs a way of communicating with every customer and client. Vendors and overseas partners need an easy way of speaking to you, and the VoIP phones you install in your office from OnSIP provide the platform you need. The prices are fair, and business owners alone will see the benefits of working with OnSIP.

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