Ooma Review – Best Landline Replacement You Can Buy

Ooma review


Plan Reviewed: Small Business Full-featured Phone System

Pricing: $9.99/mo
Overall: Recommended!

The Ooma Business plan comes with easy installation and a competitive price of only $9.99/month. It also comes with the Ooma Office Manager, an online dashboard tool, that will help you control your business system.
There are monthly charges of $3 – $4 for new activations.
Bottom Line
Voted the best landline replacement you can buy, Ooma offers quality service at an affordable price. Customer service is also readily available for any problems you may have.

Ooma Review In Brief

Business phone systems are a critical element for many businesses, small and large. We have done a significant amount of research on the options out there for business owners today, and we’re confident in recommending Ooma Office as one of the best business phone system for small office solutions.

No matter how small your business is, if you have even just a handful of employees it is very important to maintain a professional standard at all times. Communications can make or break the ability to put forward a professional appearance, both for clients and even your own employees. Ooma fills the void that may have otherwise been an obstacle to achieving this standard.

It used to be that phone systems were amazingly expensive, particularly if you wanted all of the calling features that were available. Today’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has closed the gap between features and cost, offering the full array of features that were previously limited to only the most expensive plans (plus some), for just a fraction of the cost. VoIP systems provide features like virtual receptionists, voicemail, extensions, and more, allowing small business to match the professional standards set by organizations with more resources.

Why Should I Choose Ooma?

Simplicity and ease of use is essential for an office-environment technology. Managers and owners need to be able to forget about the technical aspects of a tool and just use it. Ooma fits this image perfectly. It can be set up in 20 minutes, without any additional wires or special telephone requirements. It works with any phone at all, which is really appealing for that budget saving trait: it’s unnecessary to buy special phones to make the system work. The cost savings works out to about $100-$300 per phone.

Setup is very easy, and once you’ve got the hardware in place all you need is a few more minutes of work. After an account is created, the user has to select a new business phone number from a list of local and toll-free options. When all of that is done, the system is ready for setup. Just plug in the base unit and connect your phones.

Ooma comes with an online portal that allows the user to customize and personalize the system for their particular needs. The web-based interface is very easy to use, and can be managed by just about anyone. The online portal has five sections: home, manage, account, add-ons, and support. These sections allow the user to customize every aspect of the phone system, from extensions to the voice receptionist.

Compared to other systems, Ooma is one of the simplest to use and set up. This makes it ideal for small businesses.

Easy Setup

Quick and seamless integration

Get your business system working in 20 minutes.

Easy Setup

How Much Does Ooma Cost?

Another of Ooma’s advantages is the attractively low cost. The overall cost comes in two categories: one-time costs and monthly service fees.

The hardware costs are mostly determined by the number of employees that will be using the phone system. The starter package comes with a base station and two Linx wireless devices, with additional Linx devices adding on additional costs. Ooma runs regular promotions, so costs can be even lower than the market standard from time to time. Keep an eye out for their regular deals.

The monthly service fees are the next bit of the equation. Ooma’s pricing structure is very easy to understand, since there’s an identical service plan that is offered to all of its users. The basic service plan includes one phone number and one user, and additional users add on a set fee per new user. The important thing to remember is that each employee doesn’t necessarily need their own number, so costs can be kept low by purchasing only one business number and using extensions for each employee. The system offers up to 15 virtual extensions for off-site phones such as mobile devices and home phones.

The company offers up a very attractive 30-day trial, which is risk free. It allows you the option to try out the system for a month without worrying about losing any money in the process if the system doesn’t work out for your business. Adding a new component to your business’ logistical structure can be a real headache, so this definitely goes a long way towards alleviating potential growing pains.

What Do I Get From Ooma?

Ooma is feature rich, but doesn’t offer quite the array of features offered up by more expensive competitors. However, for the small office, Ooma’s feature list covers all the most common necessities.

The virtual receptionist comes to mind as a highly effective and useful feature for operations that don’t have the space or budget for a real phone operator. The virtual operator uses text-to-speech technology, so its script can be precisely written for your needs. The voice options are male and female, with U.S. or British accents available for each. If the text-to-speech option doesn’t work out for you, there’s also the option of adding in prerecorded messages up to 5mb.

Conference calls are a staple of modern business, and Ooma supports them with some very capable technology. You can set up conference calls for as many as 10 users, and the option for music or company messages in the call is available.

How is the Customer Support?

If you experience any kind of technical problem with Ooma, from set up to technical limitations or bugs in the system, Ooma has a friendly and competent support staff that is willing and able to help.

There are a few options for pursuing customer support. There’s a live chat function on the website, and the support agents are prompt and direct. Telephone support is available as well during common business hours, and agents are friendly and knowledgable. Email and live-chat support is available 24-7, so you’ll never have to worry about being abandoned in a time of need.

Why Ooma?

Ooma is a feature rich and highly capable business phone system for small offices. It offers up a highly competitive pricing plan, an array of features that will fill almost any need you may have, and is backed by competent and readily available support staff. If you’re looking for an affordable and dependable phone system solution for your small business, you should seriously consider Ooma as your first choice.

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