Phone Power Reviews – Most Trusted Home VoIP In US & Canada?

Phone Power Reviews
Phone Power

Plan Reviewed: Unlimited US & Canada

Pricing: $19.95 $8.33/mo

Overall: Recommended!

Phone Power has been in the VoIP industry for more than 8 years. They have grown exceptionally well and have a strong customer base in the US. They are a 100% US based company, and their products are eco-friendly. In addition, the customer service is excellent with extended working hours and availability on weekends.
The promotion price of $8.33/mo is for a 2 year payment. You need to prepay $199.95 in advance to enjoy the special price. Of course, you can cancel your account anytime as this provider is no contract. 
Bottom Line
Phone Power is one of the most trusted brands and reputable companies around when it comes to residential VoIP. The voice quality is unbeatable. I simply cannot resist their offer with such a low monthly cost (others normally charge $15/mo). A thumb up from me for the excellent customer service who works on weekends.

Everything You Need to Know About Phone Power – Q&A

In this Phone Power review, I’m going to reveal all the details and information about Phone Power in Q&A sessions.

Although this website is compensated by Phone Power, I want you to know that this did not influence my opinion at all. I truly believe they offer a great service and would like to share my findings below.


1. Who Is Phone Power?

Phone Power is a residential VoIP phone solution company. Their focus is on residential and small businesses VoIP.

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Check out their incredible products and customer support.

2. Where Is Phone Power Located?

PhonePower Office

The Phone Power headquarters are located in Winnetka, California. They are a 100% US based company, which means that their sales team, service and support team, marketing and customer service representatives are locally based.


3. What Are The Products Offered By Phone Power?

Phone Power Calling Plan & Pricing

There are basically 4 plans from Phone Power:

(a) Unlimited US & Canada – $8.33/mo (Recommended)

(b) Unlimited US & Canada – $14.95/mo

(c) Unlimited US & Canada – $19.95/mo

(d) World Plus – $24.95/mo


4. What is The Difference Between These 4 Plans?

(a) Unlimited US & Canada – $8.33/mo (Recommended)

No contract. But you’ll need to prepay 24 months ahead to enjoy this special rate. You can cancel at anytime.

(b) Unlimited US & Canada – $14.95/mo

A 24 month contract. You enjoy a fixed rate of $14.95/mo for the next 24 months. Pay month to month basis.

(c) Unlimited US & Canada – $19.95/mo

No contract. No prepay. Just normal month to month subscription.

(d) World Plus – $24.95/mo

Designed for frequent international callers. Lets you make free calls to more than 75 countries and 26 mobile areas, including the United States.
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Check Out Phone Power's Plans & Pricing

For normal residential usage, try the $8.33/mo plan!

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5. Is Phone Power’s Unlimited Plan Really Without Limit?

Phone Power Unlimited Plan

Well, there’s no such thing as unlimited. Although Phone Power markets it as unlimited, here’s the scoop.

For the Unlimited US & Canada plan, there are 5000 minutes per month for any outbound local calls and 60 minutes free for international calls.

For the Premium International Plan, there are 1200 minutes of free international calls to qualifying destinations (more than 75).


6. How Long Has Phone Power Been In Business?

Phone Power was founded in 2005. It has been 8 years, and they are growing year by year. Not only they are growing exceptionally well in terms of customer base, their working staff has also been increasing to meet customer demand.

Phone Power has won several awards due to their excellent customer service and product.


7. What Are The Calling Features Available?

All the plans from Phone Power offer more than 45+ calling features to customers.

Here are some of the highlighted features: 

–          Voicemail Viewer

–          Block List

–          Call Waiting ID Caller

–          Softphone

–          Call Hold

–          Fax Catcher

–          Remote Click2Call

–          Voicemail

–          Bandwidth Saver

–          Failsafe

–          Call Forwarding

–          Speed Dial

–          3 Way Conference Call

–          Enhanced 911

–          Mobile Website

–          etc

Explore Phone Power's Additional Features

Did you know that Phone Power offers power Failsafe features for all plans?

8. Do I Need To Purchase Any Hardware?

No.All Phone Power plans come with a free leased Home Adapter. It’s free of charge and will be delivered to you once you place an order.

The Home Adapter is a compact size device with excellent voice quality which makes it suitable for home and small business use.


9. Is the Installation Easy?

Easy Installation - Phone Power

The installation is very simple, with just 2 steps.

i) Plug your internet connection into the Home Adapter.

ii) Plug your telephone into the Home Adapter phone line port.


10. I Have A Router, Will That Be A Problem?

It will not be a problem. The Home Adapter works good with or without a router.


11. When Can I Get My Hardware If I Place My Order Now?

Next day delivery by Phone Power

Normally, Phone Power ships the Home Adapter the next working day once you place an order with them.

They use USPS priority shipping with tracking information emailed to you.



12. Can I Get A Free Trial Before Purchase?

Sorry. There is no free trial offer from Phone Power.

However, they proudly stand behind with their service by offering a 30 day satisfaction guarantee to all the customers.


13. What Is The Warranty Like?

Phone Power 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee

The 30 day satisfaction guarantees is written in their TOS. There will be no hassle in cancelling your service with Phone Power.

Simply contact their customer service requesting for a cancellation. You must return the Home Adapter, and a full refund will be issued to you. If you fail to return the hardware, you’ll be charged $99 for the hardware.

Of course, you’ll still need to bear the return shipping cost.

30 Day Full Refund Guaranteed

Phone Power offers a 30 day money return guarantee!

14. The Warranty Will Be Void If… (Secrets/Tips)

The money back guarantee is not applicable on unsupported internet services.

What are unsupported internet services?

Well, the internet service that is not covered in the money back guarantee policy is Satellite or Wireless internet.

If you are using T1, cable, fiber optic, DSL or others, then don’t worry about this.


15. How is The Customer Support From Phone Power?

Phone Power Support

This is the part that you should least be worried about. They have won numerous awards because of their excellent customer support.

Their customer service support even works on weekends and after working hours.

You can call them directly on the phone, send them emails, or you can submit a ticket and they will respond to you immediately. You can even live chat with Phone Power support during their operation hours.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of reading and support materials from Phone Power’s website.

Find Out More About Phone Power's Excellent Service

Phone Power is proud of their excellent customer service!

16. Is There Any Minimum Requirement For My Internet Speed? (Additional Tips)

VoIP uses your internet connection to make phone calls and receive calls. So to enjoy a high quality of voice call, your internet speed should be at least 128kbps upload and 768 kpbs download.

You can check your speed with this speed test:

You will get a summary report on your internet speed connection and determine if it’s suitable for an internet phone system.

Speed Test Report


17. How Can I Cancel My Subscription With Phone Power? (Secret/Tips)

Well, I assume most of the reviews did not teach you how to cancel your Phone Power service.

Here are 4 ways to do so:

i) Follow this link and submit the form as directed.

ii) You can send an email to [email protected]

iii) Send a fax to: (818) 301-7465

iv) Or you can mail them at:

      Phone Power LLC
      Attn: Cancellation Department
      20847 Sherman Way
      Winnetka, CA 91306

Phone Power Is An Eco-Friendly Company

They recycle to keep our planet green & healthy!