RingCentral Office – How Your Business Phone SHOULD Work For You

Ringcentral office
RingCentral Office


Plan Reviewed: Office

Pricing: $24.99/mo

Overall: Highly Recommended For Business Owner!

If you are having trouble looking for a suitable phone system for your business, then RingCentral Office can solve your problem. For one, it is very easy to use with voice, fax and text in one phone system. It will work anywhere. Most importantly, there are no ongoing maintenance and setup fees.
The price is a little confusing and misleading. For instance, the $24.99 is for per user for one year contract and with 100+ users.
Bottom Line
This is a very good office VoIP product. You can save 60% in the first year compared to traditional PBX systems. Despite the confusing price list,  there’s not much I can complain about.

Office VoIP Overview – A Complete Business Phone System

What should I be looking for in a business phone system?

I suppose every business owner will ask the same question. From my point of view, business has evolved, and it has become more mobile and flexible. So, we should be looking for a system that is convenient. It should save us money and time.

You should be spending time and money on your business and not on your phone closet.

A simple and easy to use business phone system should be your priority.


What Are The Plans And Pricing From RingCentral Office?

Phone services are not created equal. Some may offer better features, but cannot deliver the quality as promised. RingCentral has set the bar high for business phone services. They have made sure that the features available will continue to work effectively for you.

Here is an overview of the 3 plans below:

Ringcentral office pricing

Regardless of which plan you pick, you’ll get the complete phone system with the features below:

  • Intercom
  • Unlimited Internet Fax
  • Departments Call Queues
  • Auto Receptionist
  • Call Park
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Call Forwarding
  • Dial By Directory
  • Keep Existing Number For Free
  • Flexible Answering Rules
  • Andriod, Iphone, Blackberry App
  • Free Advisor For 2 or More Users
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Did you know that RingCentral Office offers a 30 day free trial to any businesses?

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How Much Can I Benefit From This Service?

RingCentral has done their homework by comparing how much you’ll save with their office VoIP plan. The research is based on 20 users with a traditional PBX phone system, compared with RingCentral’s Office program.

Ringcentral savings


Although other competitors offer the same basic price range for business VoIP, RingCentral ensures that you have high quality service. Voices are always clear, and faxes always arrive on time.

This is why RingCentral has distinguished itself as a reliable and reputable phone service provider for companies.
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You'll Get 60% Savings In Your First Year!

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Conclusion: Does Your Business Need This Office VoIP?

If you are working alone, then I would suggest you check out RingCentral Professional.

If you have a business with a few personnel and would like to save some costs while expanding your business with ease, I highly recommend RingCentral’s Office product.

Furthermore, you can get a free 30 day trial with RingCentral Office. Make sure you returned any free trial hardware within 21 days of cancellation; otherwise, you’ll be charged for the hardware.
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