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Plan Reviewed: Business

Pricing: $19.95/mo

Overall: Great Choice!

Telebroad offers a simple, flexible and hassle-free phone system for small businesses. Their three plans are contract-free, and are relatively straightforward with affordable pricing. A 24/7 customer service line is also a big plus.
Telebroad’s plans are more suitable for startups and small businesses. They also feature limited integration with popular business tools and apps, which most organizations today require from their phone system.
Bottom Line
Telebroad has a decent cloud-based phone system offering for small businesses. PBXcellent comes with a ton of basic and advanced phone features plus excellent customer service. However, their phone system may not be compatible for organizations with more complex or demanding business communication needs.

All About Telebroad – Q&A

Telebroad offers a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional phone systems. Their cloud-based phone system, PBXcellent, is equipped with a plethora of advanced phone functionalities that help businesses work faster and smarter, all while saving money.

1. What does Telebroad do?

Telebroad aims to revolutionize business communication by providing a robust, advanced phone system to organizations. PBXcellent, their cloud-based phone system offering, is designed to be the Swiss army of business communications, loaded with tons of exciting and advanced phone features to help businesses work smarter.

Aside from PBXcellent, Telebroad also offers a wide range of communication solutions for businesses. These include Broadband Service, SIP Trunking, Fax Service, IP phones, as well as Door Phones and Intercoms.

2. Where is Telebroad located?

Telebroad is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

3. What are the plans and packages offered by Telebroad?

Telebroad’s PBXcellent phone system comes in three packages:

Starter package – $129.95/month
This plan is designed for startups with less than 5 employees. It offers 3 employee extensions and 1 doorphone. Its features include: auto attendant, virtual fax, extension dialling, voicemail to email, direct dial numbers for executives and more.

Small Office package -$339.95/month
This plan is ideal for businesses with less than 10 employees. It includes 7 employee extensions, 1 executive extension, 1 conference room extension, and 1 doorphone. It’s equipped with all the features from the Starter package but with the addition of call monitoring, call recording, dedicated fax line, and a conference line of up to 15 callers.

Mid-sized Office package – $799.95/month
This package is designed for mid-sized offices with up to 20 employees. It includes 20 employee extensions, 2 executive extensions, 1 conference room extension, 1 storage room or kitchen extension, and 1 doorphone. It also has all the features from the Small Office package.

Businesses can also get a custom quote from Telebroad if these packages do not fit their specific business calling needs.

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4. How are the features from Telebroad?

Telebroad offers a vast range of phone system features, which vary from one package to another. Here are some of the highlighted features:

  • Call park
  • Smart transfer
  • Call record
  • Time tracker
  • Call filter
  • Call monitoring
  • Voicemail Outlook integration
  • Web controls for tracking and monitoring
  • Auto attendant
  • Queue placement
  • Text messaging
  • Online fax
  • E-911
  • TeleConsole
  • Softphone

5. Do I need to purchase new hardware?

No. While TeleBroad supplies IP phones, they do not require customers to purchase new hardware. Their service can also be used with a softphone.

6. Can I get free trial before purchase?

Unfortunately, Telebroad does not have a free trial for their service yet. However, they do offer a live demo for customers who want to know how PBXcellent works.

7. How is the customer support from Telebroad?

Telebroad is committed to providing outstanding customer service to its users. Their team is available 24/7 to address inquiries or other concerns. You can call or email their team to get assistance. In addition, they have published an online knowledge base within their website that contains all the information users need to operate, manage, and troubleshoot their phone system.

8. Do I need to sign up for a contract?

Telebroad does not lock you into lengthy contracts once you sign up for their service. All of their plans are contract-free, which means you can quit the service anytime without having to pay for cancellation fees or other charges.


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