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Pricing: $9.99/mo

Overall: Highly Recommended!

VirtualPBX offers award-winning, local customer service. The intuitive interface is specifically designed for all users, regardless of your technical expertise. With seven plans to choose from, there’s a plan that fits the needs of any business, big or small.
VirtualPBX does not offer live chat support, which is the preferred method of contact for many customers.
Bottom Line
If you are looking for a user-friendly interface with excellent customer support and outstanding call quality, VirtualPBX is the VoIP provider for you.

VirtualPBX Review: Features, Reliability, Support & Ease-of-Use

VirtualPBX is a well-established company that supplies cloud telephone services. The California-based firm offers business-oriented solutions for clients with sophisticated needs. It has a wide range of plans, options and features to suit the specific requirements of different users. Customers benefit from valuable amenities like unlimited phone extensions and advanced call management functions.

This popular service is known for its dependability, reasonable pricing and top-notch features. Two of the best aspects of VirtualPBX include its comparatively simple setup process and complimentary IP phones for customers who subscribe on a yearly basis. Unlike many technology-related businesses, this service provider still employs support personnel in the United States.

Types of Plans

All of VirtualPBX’s subscription options are grouped into the Office or Anywhere categories. An Office plan is typically more expensive but enables clients to communicate for unlimited numbers of minutes. It’s desirable for companies with moderate call volumes. On the other hand, Anywhere plans work well for firms that send and receive relatively small quantities of calls. These plans are priced rather affordably.

Managing Calls

Unlike many competitors, VirtualPBX supplies the majority of its call management functions at no extra cost. It provides a tremendous variety of features. They include things like voice mail, forwarding, advanced transfers, caller identification, call waiting, conference calls and various automated logs. Subscribers may also block incoming calls from specific numbers. A small firm might not need all of these features at first, but they often come in handy as a business expands.


VirtualPBX gives clients a total of seven plans to choose from. The Anywhere options include up to 2,000 minutes of local voice communication. Office plans don’t limit local calling, but they cap the number of conference call and toll-free minutes at 1,000. Regardless of the specific plans customers select, they obtain lower rates by paying in advance for one or two years of service.

Phone Numbers

All lines come with two toll-free or local telephone numbers each. This is a greater quantity than many similar companies supply. Clients have the ability to buy an extra number in exchange for a $5 monthly fee. Foreign numbers generally cost four times as much. Customers may order vanity numbers by paying $25 on a one-time basis. VirtualPBX allows businesses to instantly transfer existing numbers to its system.

Is it Easy?

Many people find that they can use VirtualPBX’s system without much difficulty. Some companies prefer to utilize the Anywhere service because it allows them to continue using the same telephones. Nonetheless, it’s also fairly simple to set up and operate the IP phones that this provider supplies to annual clients.

Customer Assistance

Rather than a live chat system, VirtualPBX maintains online message boards and support documents for customers who need help. It also allows clients to seek assistance via phone during weekday mornings and afternoons. Another option is to contact the company by email. A support request form is available on the website as well.

The VirtualPBX support staff works in offices situated in California. Consequently, this company’s hours are most convenient for clients in the Pacific time zone. Its headquarters can be found in San Jose. VirtualPBX employees are familiar with the needs of American businesses and have received enough training to provide genuinely helpful assistance.

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Sophisticated Functions

Regardless of the plan a user selects, this company supplies most of the same features. Many of them are quite advanced. Among other things, clients may customize the number of rings, monitor call data in real time, use voice mail interruption capabilities, activate smart call routing and make emergency calls. Each month, Office subscribers can send and receive up to 1,000 online fax messages.

VirtualPBX subscribers use Internet-connected computers to view faxed documents, prepare faxes and transmit such messages to recipients. There is no need for a separate facsimile machine. Customers don’t have to pay more when they send or receive faxes; all communication under the above-mentioned limit is free. Users have the option to print faxed messages, but they can conserve paper by only viewing documents online.

Calling Queues

VirtualPBX gives customers the option to establish TrueACD inbound call queues. This adds an extra per-line fee. Depending on the client’s needs, it intelligently routes calls in several different ways. Routing may be conducted in a load-balanced or skill-based manner. This system has the capability to maintain an overflow queue as well.


Unlike many cloud telephone providers, VirtualPBX has served business customers for a number of years. The company has an impressive track record of reliability. On average, its servers only experience 0.01 percent downtime. Clients don’t have to worry about missing calls because of an unreliable system. Automatic backups help to minimize the effect of any problems that occur.


VirtualPBX supplies online statistics on specific clients’ incoming calls as well as call blocking and routing. Users can see how many calls are being answered or missed. The information is updated in real time throughout the day. This provider’s website also delivers useful details on any service outages.

Setup Process

When annual customers receive IP telephones from VirtualPBX, they don’t have to do much more than plug them into the appropriate jacks. This equipment automatically completes most of the setup and configuration process on its own. The number of complimentary phones varies depending on how many lines a customer has. It ranges from one to 50 units.

Who is It For?

VirtualPBX’s prices make it suitable for many independent contractors and sole proprietors. It is also affordable for medium and large companies. This provider offers more than enough features for just about any business as well. A firm with a huge number of incoming calls is unlikely to exceed its capabilities. At the same time, the system is simple enough for beginners who haven’t used cloud-based phones before.

The bottom line is that VirtualPBX provides a dependable and full-featured service at economical rates. Although it doesn’t offer 24-hour support, this company surpasses competitors in terms of pricing and features. The service meets needs ranging from basic to highly advanced, so clients don’t need to change providers as they grow.

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