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Plan Reviewed: Business

Pricing: $15.00/mo

Overall: Great Deal!

VoIPLy is a reliable US-based company that offers high quality calls. The service VoIPLy offers is scalable and the cost is based on the number of lines. VoIPLy also offers a myriad of features to choose from.
VoIPLy, like all VoIP services, is controlled via the internet, so outages can disrupt the normal flow of business.
Bottom Line
This is a VoIP service that provides the end user with an interface to effectively control their telecommunication experience, making VoIPLy a great choice for your business.

All About VoIPLy – Q&A

Telebroad offers a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional phone systems. Their cloud-based phone system, PBXcellent, is equipped with a plethora of advanced phone functionalities that help businesses work faster and smarter, all while saving money.

1. What does VoIPLy do?

As quickly as technology advances, a hardware-based phone system can just as quickly become cost prohibitive. The main advantage of VoIPLy is that it is a cloud-based application, so you won’t need to keep up with ever-changing technology. You’ll receive the same capabilities of a physical phone system as well as additional advanced features. VoIPLy’s products will remain current and will not become obsolete; new features and capabilities can be added server-side without costly local hardware upgrades.

2. How Does VoIPLy’s Business Service Work?

Commercial businesses have varying needs when it comes to their internal and external communications systems. With the evolution of the workplace, a company needs to think outside the box. Not every office has everyone sitting at a traditional desk. There are people who work remotely and VoIPLy’s phone system provides flexibility for contacting those employees.

VoIPLy allows companies to create as many or as few phone numbers for their business office. They also allow companies to manage how those phone numbers are used by the business, whether they ring to a traditional phone on a desk or are forwarded to a cellular phone in the field. These lines are also free of the regulations phone companies place on standard analog lines.

Initially, the business requests the number of lines or extensions needed and then assigns them within the company. As the company grows, new numbers can be commissioned or decommissioned as needed. The numbers assigned externally can also easily be used as internal extensions as well.

3. Do I Need to Buy A Phone or Special Equipment?

You don’t need a phone line or special equipment to use VoIPLy’s services. All that you need is a broadband connection, including a modem and router. For facsimile (fax) needs, VoIPLy supports paperless fax-to-email/email-to-fax solutions. VoIPLy also offers a variety of full featured VOIP phones that can be added to any package.

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4. What are VoIPLy Plans and Pricing?

VoIPLy offers a simple to use cloud-hosted system for your business for only $15.00/month/line. The VoIPLy monthly plan offers over 25 included features plus a local and toll-free number. Voicemail transcription is also included. With this standard plan, you get a 25 user conference bridge, the ability to record calls on demand, and more.

5. Is VoIPLy Reliable?

VoIPLy and all other cloud-based applications do require and rely upon Internet connectivity. In the event the local broadband connection is down, the system remains available in the cloud. The client has the option to route calls in a number of ways. The VoIPLy system includes features like find-me-follow-me, voicemail to email, and advanced forwarding and routing options. These enhanced routing options make it easy to route calls to any person, device, or location.

6. Does VoIPLy Offer Conferencing Features?

Each phone extension included in the plan has 3-way calling. VoIPLy also offers a conference bridge that supports up to 25 callers at the same time.

7. Do I Need To Sign A Contract?

VoIPLy does not require businesses to enter into restrictive contracts. Service is purchased directly from VoIPLy, and payments are made on a monthly basis. VoIPLy allows you to cancel anytime, without a cancellation penalty.

8. What are Typical VoIPLy Cost Savings?

Although every situation is different, the vast majority (99.99%) of customers will experience a reduction in telecommunication expenses. The average VoIPLy customer saves 55% over traditional telecom services.

9. How is the Service?

VoIPLy is a United States company based in Pennsylvania that aims to provide simple and reliable business phone solutions. VoIPLy was founded in 2012, in response to the ever-changing communication needs of companies that are small to mid-sized. More than 5,000 companies use VoIPLy’s business phone solutions today.

Sign up with VoIPLy and set up your phone system online. Users enter their company phone number, select their hardware, add user details, and configure their call routing settings. VoIPLy doesn’t require customers to sign an annual contract. Plans are billed monthly, giving businesses the most flexibility.

VoIPLy is competitive in the services they offer. Customers have the choice of up to 60 phone features to help them stay ahead of the curve, and ensure they have everything they need to conduct business.


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