VoiPo Review – The Cheapest VoIP Service Around & Why You Should Care

Voipo review


Plan Reviewed: Residential

Pricing: $15.00 $6.21/mo

Overall: Highly Recommended!

VoiPo has the lowest subscription fee compared to any other VoIP providers that I’ve come across. Just for a mere $6/mo, you can get unlimited calling with an abundance of features. They started out as a web hosting company, so they know the Internet very well. They know every technical aspect of providing valuable service to consumers.
The $6.21/mo is only for a 2 year subscription. If you opt for a month to month payment, the charges will jump up to a staggering $15/mo. That was a huge difference.
Bottom Line
I like the discounted price very much. From $15 to $6 every month, you can save a lot. VoiPo’s objective is to help you achieve 75% savings from your normal phone bill. I’m sure you can do a lot with the savings here.

All About VoiPo – Q & A

VoiPo has earned a spot in my top five simply because they are a responsible company.

Founded by Hostgator, they really understand the technical aspects of VoIP and have an incredible product.


1. Who Is VoiPo?

VoiPo was founded by Hostgator. Hostgator is a reputable web hosting provider company worldwide.

VoiPo was founded in 2006 and has been expanding since then. Their technical background has enabled them to fully understand the requirements of an online consumer.

They do not spend a lot in big advertising, because they believe they can bring more saving to their customer. That is also why they can offer you $6 of VoIP service today.

Find Out More About VoiPo

How is VoiPo able to offer a $6/mo service to you?

2. Where Is VoiPo Located?

VoiPo is a Californian company with its headquarter located in Newport Beach.

Their support staff is also located in California.


3. What Are The Products Offered By Phone Power?

VoiPo Plans and Pricing

VoiPo only offers one service and plan to their consumer that is both suitable for Home and Small Business usage.

(a) Residential – $6.21/mo (Recommended)


4. What Is This Plan About?

(a) Residential – $6.21/mo (Recommended)

With only one plan, VoiPo does not complicate their service and product by offering a lot of choices and alternatives to consumers. The residential plan is suitable for both home and small business usage. However, I recommend that you use this service for your home.

If you need to find a VoIP solution for your business, be it small or large scale. I would suggest RingCentral.
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Check Out VoiPo's Plans & Pricing

There's only one plan from VoiPo, as simple as that!

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5. How Are The Features From VoiPo?

Although you are only paying $6.21/mo, you get the same features as many plans, some of which are charging you over $10/mo.

There are more than 40+ features with VoiPo.

You also get unlimited calls to US and Canada, plus an additional free 60 minutes of international calls every month.

Here are some of the highlighted features: 

–          Call Forwarding

–          Network Failsafe

–          Caller ID

–          Softphone

–          Online Call Logs

–          3-Way Calling

–          Unlimited Speed Dial

–          Voicemail-Emailed

–          Simultaneous Ring

–          Do Not Disturb

–          Call Forwarding

–          Control Features By SMS

–          Call Blocking

–          e911 Service

–          Distinctive Ringtone

–          etc

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Get To Know The Awesome Features

Did you know that there are more than 40 features available?

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6. Do I Need Any Hardware to Use VoiPo?

VoiPo Adapter

Yes. VoiPo will ship you an Adapter for free if you ordering from them. The Adapter is a free-leased type. That means you need to return it back to VoiPo if you decide not to continue the service with them anymore.

The installation is a simple 2 steps.

  1. Plug your broadband internet into the Adapter.
  2. Plug your normal phone into the back of the Adapter as well.

All done. You are set to go.

You can use your phone and receive phone calls as you normally would. If there’s a power failure or network failure, your call will be forwarded to the number you set.



7. What Type Of Internet Should I Be Using? (Additional Tips)

VoiPo will not function properly with Satellite Internet.

This is due to the delay in transmission and receiving the packet of data when using VoIP service.

It is my advice to use DSL, Fiber Optic or Cable Internet. The quality of calls depends highly on the internet connection.

The minimum connection speed is 256 Kbps in order to enjoy a high quality of call.



8. Is There Any Free Trial Before Purchase?

VoiPo 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee

There’s no free trial from VoiPo.

However, VoiPo is confident that customers that are looking for reliable, good customer support and feature rich VoIP service will continue to use their service once signing up with them.

That is why VoiPo offers a 30 day full refund for any new customer.

Simply cancel at https://www.voipo.com/cancel and return back the equipment if the service is not suitable within the first 30 days. You’ll be given a full refund.



9. When Will The Device Be Shipped? (Secrets/Tips)

Normally, the device will be sent out within 7-10 days after your order had been received. You’ll get an email confirmation with the tracking number once your device is on the way to you.

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30 Day Full Refund Guaranteed

VoiPo is so confident that you'll love their service, try it yourself!

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10. How is the Customer Service?

VoiPo Customer Service

VoiPo has a great support team from Southern California.

VoiPo is one of the few VoIP providers that have Live Chat support as their customer service. Other than that, you can also contact them at their toll free number.

You can email them at [email protected]. I had personally emailed them regarding a support issue, and they had responsed to my request in no more than 8 hours. Pretty impressive.

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Dig Deeper With VoiPo

Thousands of US families joined VoiPo for the cost

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