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Plan Reviewed: Business

Pricing: $19.99/mo

Overall: Highly Recommended!

VoIPstudio’s phone plans are simple and straightforward. There are no lengthy contracts involved or any onsite system maintenance costs to worry about. Users can also utilize the free 30-day demo, which proves advantageous for businesses that still have yet to identify which plan is suitable for them.
Features are standard and there is not much difference between the plans despite the pricing.
Bottom Line
VoIPstudio is a great option for companies looking for a reliable and fuss-free VoIP solution.

All About VoIPstudio – Q & A

1. What does VoIPstudio do?

VoIPstudio brings simple and powerful business communications to organizations of all types, sizes and functions. Using a VoIP telephony platform developed by Level 7 Systems, VoIPstudio prides itself in offering services that are easy to understand and reliable. Their low-cost and highly efficient VoIP services are used by thousands of businesses in over 60 countries around the world.

2. Where are they based?

VoIPstudio is headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and has a North American office located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

3. What type of plans do they offer?

There are 3 different business VoIP plans offered by VoIPstudio: Pay As You Go, Unlimited Domestic, and Unlimited International.

  • Pay As You Go – $4.99/user/month. This plan is crafted for businesses that have low call volume. With this plan, users can enjoy free setup, free inbound calls, and free inbound numbers. All the phone features are included for free along with 24/7 technical support. Calls to any number on the VoIP system are free, but calls to landlines and mobile phones are not. Rate is only 1.5 ¢ per minute.
  • Unlimited Domestic – $19.99/user/month. This plan includes all the perks available in the Pay As You Go option, but adds an inclusive geographical number for each user and free outbound calls to fixed lines (in only one selected country.
  • Unlimited International – $39.99/user/month. This option is great for businesses that regularly make calls to partners or employees overseas. The only thing that differentiates this plan from the previous plan is that user can take advantage of free outbound calls to fixed lines (as well as mobile phones) in all listed countries (see provider site for specifics).
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4. What features are offered?

All of VoIPstudio’s business phone plans boast over 40 business and technical features and software integrations. These include:

Business Features
Free Internet Calls
Pay As You grow
Instant Deployment
No Contract
Worldwide Data Centers
One Second Billing
Numbers Porting
Remote Office
Mobile Client

Technical Features
Virtual Numbers
Web Portal
Multipoint Registration
Internet Failover Protection
Call Transfer
Music On Hold
Conference Calling
Reception Console
Follow Me
Interactive Voice Response
Call Waiting
Contacts Directory
Ring Groups
Extension Dialing
Call Pickup
ACD Queues
Call Parking
Click To Call
Phones auto provisioning
Call Recording
Time Based Routing
Company Directory
Fax Gateway
Unlimited Storage
Emergency Service Calling
SMS Gateway
Dynamic CLI
Text To Speech

Sales Force
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Sage ACT!
Avaya One X
Cisco 79xx

Users can also send text messages from their website for only US$ 0.12 per message.

5. Can customers test their services for free?

Yes. Customers who are still unsure which plan is suitable for them can take advantage of VoIPstudio’s free 30-day trial. All you have to do is sign up for a trial account to access all their VoIP phone features without any obligations. You can also end the trial period any time you wish.

6. How is the customer support?

Users are guaranteed 24/7 technical and customer support. VoIPstudio has a Support Centre customers can access to submit a new support ticket. Furthermore, they have also published useful manuals online for users, administrators and receptionists to help them easily find information for any issues or concerns.

7. Do they offer phone equipment?

Yes. VoIPstudio offers a selection of VoIP phones and accessories to help enhance the functionality of their service. Their range includes phones and other hardware from Cisco, Yealink, Snom and Aastra.


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