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Plan Reviewed: Business

Pricing: $19.99/mo

Overall: Highly Recommended!


Vonage is a reliable company with great quality calls. The company owns its own technology, instead of using open source software, so the quality is much better than many other VoIP providers. They also offer a lot of features to choose from.  

The price can be a little expensive, especially for larger businesses.
Bottom Line
If you are looking for an easy to use interface with excellent support and phenomenal call quality, Vonage is the VoIP provider for you.

All About Vonage- Q & A

Their public presence was established at the beginning of the digital age, and Vonage has stepped up their service options since their company began. The company started as a simple VoIP service that made phone service cheaper, but Vonage has expanded its service to include options for residential and business customers.

1. What Does Vonage Do?

The basic service from Vonage is voice over Internet protocol. The VoIP service uses information packets sent online to place phone calls. Phone calls placed over the Internet use a more reliable service than a traditional phone line, but the phone numbers are assigned in the same manner as your phone company.

The basic service from Vonage allows you to place phone calls in your local area for no charge, and the service produces a monthly bill for phone service. Vonage started with a normal service that offered phone calls at a reasonable data speed, but Vonage has expanded to offer better services expanded to meet many different client bases.

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2. How Does Vonage’s Business Service Work?

Every commercial business must use a phone system that fits every office and desk. The phone service from Vonage uses faster speeds for business customers. Several phone numbers are created for the office, and Vonage manages those phone numbers on your behalf. You are not subject to the phone company’s regulations, and you may install as many phones as you need.

Request as many numbers as you need for your business, and you will receive a list of numbers that will be attached to different lines in the office. Your business will receive a certain set of numbers, and you may request extra numbers at any time. Vonage presents you with a list of phone numbers that will help you communicate in and out of the office.

3. Do I Need to Buy a Phone?

You must purchase a phone system to use with your VoIP service, and Vonage offers several different phone systems to purchase from their catalog. You may choose a residential phone with a single handset to use in your home, or you may choose a system with several handsets attached to one base.

Phone systems from Vonage are perfectly matched to their phone services, and you receive all the equipment you need to install your phone. You may install all your phones at once, or you may purchase a set with extras. Keep the extra phones in your office for use at a later time, and the price you pay to Vonage will go down when you buy in bulk.

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4. What are Vonage’s Plans and Pricing?

With the Starter Plan, Vonage offers an easy cloud-hosted system for your business for only $34.99/month/line. This plan offers over 40 standard features, as well as local number, toll free number, and voicemail transcription.

With the Essentials Plan, you get all of this plus a call group, conference bridge, call recording on demand, and more for $49.99/month/line.

With the Premium Plan, you get everything you might want to support your company’s unique phone needs including company-wide call recording, paperless fax, conference bridges, toll free numbers, and more. This costs only $64.99/month/line.

5. Is Vonage Reliable?

Vonage is still the most reliable VoIP service in the world, and their prices are comparable to every other service around. You will pay the same price for Vonage that you would pay for other services, but you will receive a faster service. The speeds produced by Vonage are much quicker than that of any other service, and you will have reliable service even during storm outages.

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6. Do I Need To Sign Up For a Contract?

Vonage does not rope you into a contract that lasts for years on end. You purchase service from Vonage, and you make your payments every month. The Vonage service is easy to keep up, and you may make your payments online. The savings you get from the Vonage service make a switch from the phone company easy, and you are not locked into a deal that could leave you paying too much in the future.

7. Does Vonage Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. Vonage allows you to cancel anytime, and you won’t have to pay any extra fees.


8. How is the Service?

Vonage is rated as the best VoIP service in the world by their customers. Other VoIP services attempt to copy the success that Vonage has seen, but Vonage is still the industry leader. The service offered by Vonage is more powerful than anything you will find with the phone company, and every customer who changes to Vonage tends to keep their service.

Vonage is the first mass VoIP service in the world, and they have expanded to offer all the options listed in this article. Your business can use the Vonage service to cut back on costs of communication, or you may save money at home with a phone service that is much cheaper than anything else you can purchase. Switching to Vonage is simple, and they will convert your phone company account into an account in their system. You will have an Internet phone service instantly, and the connection will become crystal clear.


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